Antinomianism is the doctrinal heresy that says, "Since we are saved by grace it does not matter how we live. We have no law by which to regulate and govern our lives. Character and conduct are of no importance to the believer."

This teaching is the desire to free one's self from God's Law or God's will. This is not to be confused with freewill
. In truth, this teaching is used frequently especially in Hyper-Calvinism. Though, I have also heard moderate Calvinists make such arguments too.

This heresy is not just confined to Calvinistic circles but also all other Christian sects as well. I have heard not only Calvinists share this doctrine but also Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopals, Baptists, and Pentecostals as well.

Some Christians attempt to use the said heresy along with eternal security teachings. This is obviously where they make their mistake.

Shall we continue sinning because God's grace is abundant? God forbid. Romans 6:12

Jeremy Brown 2003

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