Armour of God

   The Helmet of Salvation  

                                       - guards mind, emotions, and will
                                                     - secures relationship with God when worn
Salvation annd FreeWill pages)





            Sword of the Spirit
                           - the Word of God
                        - The Holy Bible
                         - must be known
                                                      - must be applied to everyday living
                                                    - must be applied to circumstances
(See the Bible page.)



     Shield of Faith
                                                                                          - blocks intrusions
                                                                                          - thwarts attacks
                                                                                          - keeps the bearer steadfast
                                                                                          - deepens relationships
                                                                                           (See the
Faith page.)


Breastplate of Righteousness         

doing right
- living right
- protects most important organs
- keeps you alive

Justification page.


  Belt of Truth

- waist, abdomen, lower and mid back                  
- worn so that much weight can be hauled            
- strengthens resistance to pressures                   
- protects crucial areas from injury                      
Truth page.)                                          




                    - keeps feet and ankle protected and strong
                    - allows one to travel long distances
                    - provides good traction and support
                    - also represents preparation
                              - preparation in terms of study of the Bible, how to share truth
                              - preparation brings acceptance and durability to the listener and sharer

(See Gospel page)


Pictures courtesy of Messianic Art, Christ Art, and Blizzard Entertainment.

                                       Jeremy Brown 2002


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