Aryanism, Zoroastrianism, & Mithraism

Aryans and Aryanism:
was formed around 2250BC by some who migrated from The Tower of Babel.
2) migrated across Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, Europe, Iran, and India.
3) Hitler and Nazis frequently quoted things pertaining to Aryanism to promote their agendas.

Aryanism and Zoroastrianism:
Zurvan is the neutral god who created destiny, good and evil, light and darkness, Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu.
2) are polytheistic but Ahura Mazda is worshipped as the highest god.
3) believe evil(chaos) and good(order) are equal powers locked in a dual.
4) condemn prostitution, homosexuality, and cruelty to animals.
5) Evil is personified in the form of a dragon, Angra Mainyu (chief devil, Ahriman), varying unholy creatures, and evil inclinations.
6) Believe an evil dragon is supposed to be loosed one day and destroy 1/3 of all mankind before its death.
7) Sacred texts of this religion are called the Avestas and Pahlavi.
8) Practice animal sacrifice.
9) taught that people of their faith and race were superior to all others.
10) Cows are viewed as holy gifts from god(s) and should not be harmed in any manner.
11) At the end of time, Ahura Mazda will defeat all evil forever and will resurrect all people who have ever died. Those that were impure or in Hell will be made pure along with good people, and will be allowed to live with good people forever as 15 year olds on a new earth.

More on Zoroastrianism:
was formed in either 1600 or 1200 BC
2) Zoroaster called good and evil “twins.”
3) Zoroaster claimed to be a prophet sent by the gods.
4) Zoroaster is also believed to be the founder of the orders of Magi.
5) Idols and images are prohibited.
6) Fire is viewed as the transformer that makes objects and beings appropriate for god(s).
7) Zoroaster prophesied that there would be 3 saviors who are supposed to be born of a bathing virgin by Zoroaster's preserved sperm in the water.
8) Zoroaster spoke a lot of his conversations with god and angels.
9) In ZoroastrianTemples, fire is constantly kept burning by priests who cover their faces to keep the fire pure.

Mithra and Mithraism:
1) Began shortly after Zoroastrianism began
2) Mithraism is first mentioned in the Vedas dated around 1400BC
3) Mithra is Ahura Mazda's son who was born from a cave rock and helps Ahura Mazda fight evil. (Agnostic sources state he was born of a virgin)
4) Birthday is celebrated December 25th.
5) Mithra is believed to be the mediator between Ahura Mazda and man, and between Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu.
6) is very similar to Masonry.
7) Believe that living things were created when Mithra killed a bull created by Ahura Mazda.
8) Mithra is supposed to be the one who Ahura Mazda will send to deliver immortality to humans at the end of time.
9) Mithra will come and declare himself undefeated when evil is destroyed.
10) Women weren't allowed to join this religion.
11) Agnostic sources state that he had 12 disciples, began a practice similar to the passover or Holy Communion, and died repeatedly and resurrected. I haven't found any sources beyond agnostic that reveal this.
12) Practiced by Roman legions.

Christian Response:
1) Aryanism, Zoroastrianism, and Mithraism are religions constructed by Satan and his demons to deceive man.
2) Adam, Eve, Abel, Seth, Enoch, Methuselah, Noah, and Shem all predated these 3 false religions. Relationship with the True God predated all religions. Judaism and Christianity are the continuances of the original true religion. Christianity is completed Judaism as well as completed relationship with God. All other religions are counterfeits.
3) The first written account of the bread and wine ceremony can be found in Genesis 14 when Melchizedek brought bread and wine to Abraham around 2000BC.

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--Jeremy Brown 2004 

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