Atlantis / Atlantians
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The Greek philosopher Plato is the only ancient source that directly describes Atlantis. According to Plato, these were physical features of Atlantis:

There are many theories concerning Atlantis. I’ll offer my own…

“Atlantians” is a renaming of some people groups.
Atlantis was not the original name.
The Biblical Philistines are one of the descendants.
The legend is a hybrid of various people groups and long past island nations.
Crete, Azores Islands, Canary Islands, and Santorini Island were inhabited by seafaring people. Each island is connected to the story.
The inhabitants of these islands could have had some sort of confederation.
Seafaring people may have all looked the same to land dwellers.
I would say that these seafaring people were much like pirates, Vikings, and pillagers from history. They constantly hit and ran. They occupied areas on continents when possible and to their benefit obviously.
Continental drift may have been a factor. I believe Pangaea broke up sooner and quicker than what we’re told. Present day global conditions are nowhere near like they were thousands of years ago even.

I’m reminded of The Princess Bride when Wesley told his love about how The Dread Pirate Roberts put on a show to keep everyone scared. The Pirate was larger than life in the minds of all. I think this fear was used to make the seafaring people connected with the legend larger than life in the minds and memories of other people.

Maybe, the Mayans were other descendants of “Atlantian” people.

Also, the ancient date listed by Plato is obviously false. It is most likely that it is much more recent than he stated. However, the ancient date may too be part of the Islands Confederation propaganda machine.

Jeremy Brown 2006

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