There are truly 3 types of baptisms of sorts not counting sprinkling.

When we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour, we are baptized into life.

When after we have been saved, we should be baptized as a testimony to God and people that we are not ashamed. Water baptism represents death to the old ways and resurrecting to new life. Symbolic of the death and resurrection of Christ.

There is another type of baptism that is attainable for believers. It is Holy Spirit baptism which is accompanied by various combinations of nine spiritual giftings: word of wisdom, word of knowledge, prophecy, faith, tongues, interpretation of tongues, discernment of spirits, miracles, and healing.

            | Baptism Unto Life     |   Baptism Unto Power

                   Baptism Into The Body Of Christ |       Baptism In The Holy Spirit

Baptizer   -           Holy Spirit                -                  Jesus

Element   -        Body of Christ             -               Holy Spirit

Purpose   -    Newness of Eternal Life   -       Power to Share Faith

Evidence  -     Fruits of the Holy Spirit   -        Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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