The Unforgivable Sin
Blasphemy of the Spirit

Matthew 12:24-32 shows that the Pharisees believed that Christ was doing the works of Satan when He was casting out demons. Christ told them that they could come against Him if they wanted to but warned them of coming against the Holy Spirit's actions. It was Taboo among the Jewish people to ever speak against the Shekinah glory of God (Holy Spirit). Christ was reaching past their sin walls into their consciences with the statement. We should heed the warning as well and not come against ministers when we perceive strange things occuring. I'm thinking of mass salvation decisions, casting out demons, Benny Hinn, Bob Larson, or any of the things we tend to come against and attribute to Satan. We best be careful. --Jeremy Brown

Jesus said that the only unforgivable sin was “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.”
After you study the rest of the New Testament you find that what Jesus means is that if a person dies without having put their faith in Him for the forgiveness of their sins, that their sin cannot be forgiven. Therefore, dying without faith in Christ, is an unforgivable sin, for the opportunity for someone to be forgiven has passed.

Only while someone is on this side of death do they have the choice to accept or reject Christ. After death, it is too late.

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An unforgivable sin is sin you fail to repent for before dying. How can you repent and ask forgiveness if you are dead?! There is no purgatory! ... Nevertheless, you can be sure that you are saved and on your way to Heaven. Though, I do caution you if you are a backslider. Better get in while the gettin' is good. You don't want to be left behind.

     Am I saying that if you lust or something just before you die that you're going to be sent to Hell because you didn't have a chance to repent? No. Am I personally fearful of sinning just before I die as a Christian? Yes because I don't believe in a license to sin. Bro Dave Wade offered some thoughts that reminded me of some things that I already knew/know. I will not tell anyone that God will overlook or automatically forgive your sin if you fail to repent and ask forgiveness. It's good to be somewhat fearful of God. It keeps us accountable and sincere.
     My cousin Rusty made a valuable assertion this weekend. He said, "Being 'Saved' and 'Adoption' are the same you see. If you are saved then you are in the family of God. You are God's Son or Daughter and promised an inheritance. Now if you go against the wishes of your adopted parents, your inheritance can be changed or removed. You're still a son or daughter but you will not receive your inheritance because you have gone your own way. It is the same with salvation. You are God's child but their are boundaries you must be aware of so that you can receive the promised inheritance. The inheritance being eternal life or eternal death." My cousin Rusty is a Baptist minister in Kentucky. He believes Once Adopted Always Adopted but that the inheritance can be changed due to disobedience.
     Dave reminded me that God is merciful. Yes he is. I don't think God is looking for a sin so that He can use his trapdoor on us when we mess-up. No way. That's more Satan's persona. I however will not embrace the teachings of say 'Charles Stanley' who believes that these backsliders and sinners who failed to repent will only be just outside the gate of Heaven and not in torment. That's very unscriptural. Dave encouraged me to include more additions to the page. I agree with these statements he made, "Repetative sin is dangerous because it is like a slippery slope. The worst part is that it can lead to total apostasy and denial of God. It is best to stop the sins you keep doing over and over because it is so dangerous. Just remember that God is merciful and able to forgive all sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness."
     I admit that I am fearful of unrepented sin before death. We serve a Holy God who is not just love and mercy but justice and wrath as well.

If you feel you have blasphemed the Spirit, know and realize that only failing to repent for it and make things right with God is unforgivable. Let's talk to God if you feel you have at one time blasphemed. Let's pray, "Lord Jesus, I feel that I may have blasphemed the Holy Spirit. I didn't know what I was doing. Please forgive me and wash me of any blame. I claim that I am in right standing with you Heavenly Father. Now in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen." I suggest making yourself accountable to your local pastor and attending church regularly at this point. If you need assistance in finding a church then email me at
dexterloxley at windstream dot net.

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