Jeremy Brown's Bible Commentary - Hebrews

The letter Hebrews was written in 62AD by Saul (Paul) of Tarsus. Several people doubt Paul's authorship.

Before Christ came, God spoke to His people through prophets at different times through history.
It is the last days now since Christ came. God began speaking to His people through His Son, Jesus the Messiah. Remember that Adam was basically made the king of the earth. Jesus is now the new heir of the kingdom of the earth and universe because He is of Adam’s lineage, never sinned, and conquered Satan through His works. Jesus is not only the second Adam but He is also God. He holds a double crown. He is King of Heaven and the universe. Jesus also took part in the creation of everything.
Because of Who Jesus was and is, and what He does and did, He was able to be the payment for all human sins. Jesus ascended back to Heaven and now sits to the right of God the Father in Heaven.
Jesus was and is better than the angels in every way. Humans are made a little lower than angels. Not so with Jesus. Jesus is fully God and fully man. Even Jesus’ humanity was higher than the angels. This is because Jesus is God the Word (See Genesis 1:26 and John 1) and conquered sin, death, Hell, the grave, and Satan with His works. Jesus has a higher name than any angel or human. There is of course more than one person with the name containing the letters and syllables of Jesus, Joshua, Yahshua, or Yeshua. The thing is, one must be referring to the Jesus written about here and believe that He is Who He says He is for there to be power, authority, and highness in the name.
God the Father never told any angel, “Thou are my Son. This day have I begotten thee. I will be a Father to Him and He will be my Son.” See 2 Samuel 7:14 and Psalm 2:7.
When God the Father sent God the Word, Jesus, to Earth, He let all the angels worship Jesus.
God made the angels to be spirits and servant ministers who can speak for Him. Psalm 104:4.
God the Father said to Jesus, “Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of thy kingdom.” This is from Psalm 45:6. God was saying to Jesus that His Kingship and rule would be forever. God also told Jesus that He is a righteous King. 1:8
This is from Psalm 45:7. God continues to tell Jesus that He loved what is right and hated evil. Because of this, God will continue to exalt Jesus. 1:9
See Psalm 102:25. Jesus took part in the creation of the universe and Heaven. 1:10
Heaven, Earth, and the universe could pass out of existence but God and Jesus will remain in existence no matter what. Everything will age but god and Jesus never will. 1:11
Like a piece of clothing, these things will be folded up and will change over time but God and Jesus will always be the same and never change. 1:12
God never told an angel, “Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.” This is taken from Psalm 110. God the Father was speaking to God the Son in this verse.
All of God’s angels are spirit ministers sent to the human followers of God to help, encourage, and do battle for them.
Because of everything I said, Christians should listen to and follow God more passionately. We should do so because if we don’t, someone could slip away out of this life into eternity at any moment. If someone comes to Christ, it is because a Christian shares the Gospel in some way shape or form.
When God gave Moses the law, He used angels to deliver the words. If breaking the laws delivered by angels is backed up by God, a person receives their punishment for breaking the law.
If God backed up the law delivered by angels, how can we avoid the means of rescue brought, spoken, and accomplished by God's Son? We won't be viewed as guiltless if we just push salvation aside.
Jesus was tempted by Satan and overcame Satan’s temptations. Because of this, Jesus is able to and will come to our rescue when we are tempted by Satan.
Jesus is called of God and a high priest of Melchizedek’s priestly order. See Psalm 110:4.
We Christians have many things to say about Jesus. It’s hard to get the words out because you refuse to listen.
By this time, you should all be knowledgeable spiritual teachers. The truth is, you need to step aside and let someone teach you the basics of God and the scriptures again. You are like babies drinking their mother’s milk because you can’t handle solid food.
Everyone that continues to go over and over the basics are feeding and drinking milk. They are unskilled in teaching people how to live right.
Solid food is for full grown people. This solid food is for people who know the difference between right and wrong.
It is time to leave the milk basics behind us. Let’s move forward into maturity in God. It is time to stop focusing on just how to be born again all the time. It is time to stop focusing on rituals for God too. These are good and have their place but are milky basics.
It is time to abandon the teaching of how to be water baptized or purified by water. The Jews also had teachings of being purified by bathing and baptism. It is time to abandon the teaching of how to lay hands on people for prayer. It’s time to abandon the preaching of the rapture and Great White Throne Judgement.
These things are all good but they are just milky basics. We can't just focus on teh basics all the time. God willing, it is time to move on to more mature things.
It isn’t possible for someone to be restored to God with mere repenting if they were taught the truth, were born again, and were filled with the Holy Spirit.
It isn’t possible for someone to be restored to God with mere repenting if they have tasted the truth of His written word and felt and known the power of God.
It isn’t possible for the backslidden to be restored to God by just going to God telling Him they are sorry. You see, one must be covered in the blood again. It is like they have never been with God. What has happened is, they have backslidden and must return and do their first works. See Hebrews 10:26, James 5:19-20, and Revelation 2:5. Another way to say it is that a person can’t just start over as if nothing happened.
The ground soaks up rain and nourishes plants planted by God the farmer. The crop is then beneficial for God the farmer. This field will be harvested.
If the ground grows thorns and weeds, it is rejected and cursed. God the farmer has no need of the things the ground grew. The ground and all that it grew will then be burned. This field won’t be harvested.
Christians, we believe better things are in store for you. We believe that you are going to reap the rewards of salvation.

If Christians continue sinning and doing what they know they shouldn't do after believing in Jesus and after being born again, the blood of Jesus no longer covers them because of their actions and they can stop looking for rewards from God. This scripture shows that a backslider is not secure. See James 5:19-20.

Hebrews 11 is nicknamed “the faith chapter.” A better nickname would be “a summary of the Old Testament."

If we trust God no matter what happens then we have all the evidence and proof that we need concerning eternity, the origin of all things, God, Heaven, God’s Kingdom, spirituality, and things we don’t understand. This verse is not telling the reader that faith is an ethereal substance. Faith is a willful act, a spiritual gift of trusting God no matter what is seen or endured, and an aspect of the fruit of the Holy Spirit as trusting God no matter what is seen or endured. God did not use a substance called faith to create anything.
Those that have served God before and after Christ trusted God no matter what they saw and endured. This became a great testimony for them and it has blessed others. What they saw and endured didn’t make them give up. The people before and after Christ who have died have their reward for trusting God no matter what they saw and endured. They are with God face to face now.
Because we trust God no matter what we see or endure, we can understand and comprehend that God spoke all things into existence. The origin of the universe and all within didn’t come from a natural source. God exists outside of space, time, and the universe. And so, God created everything from nothing. You see, faith is not a magical power. It is not an ethereal substance per se. Love, peace, joy, kindness, compassion, and more are not ethereal substances. Faith is trusting God no matter what is seen and endured.
Adam’s son Abel trusted God no matter what he saw or endured. Abel gave his best when he sacrificed animals to God. Cain gave spitefully. Cain did not give his best to God. Basically, Cain gave leftovers to God. He probably knew that it was best to give a blood sacrifice but chose not to give a blood sacrifice. By reading the Genesis record of Abel, we see that God accepted him and his sacrifice. Though Abel is now dead, the record of his life and sacrifice still speaks to people. He is still being effective in showing others how to effectively follow God.
Enoch trusted God no matter he saw or endured. This led to Enoch being taken to Heaven physically. Enoch never died. Enoch is still alive and in Heaven with God. The book Genesis records that Enoch walked with God. If someone walks with God, they are trusting God no matter what they see or endure. Enoch pleased God.
If we do not trust God no matter what we see or endure, we can never please God. Those that come to God and follow Him must realize and know that He exists and will reward and respond to everyone who truthfully follows after and desires Him.
Noah trusted God no matter what he saw or endured. Noah was warned by God that God was going to flood the entire planet with water. Noah was afraid and listened to God then built an ark that would save his family from God’s judgment through the worldwide flood. Noah did what God commanded and saved his family. Because Noah listened to God, he and his family were allowed to live. Noah basically became the main person who taught people how to live for God and how to live period. Noah became the main person in his day that would guide people in all the things of God.
Abraham trusted God no matter what he saw or endured. God saw this and led him away from his family, town, and past. God led Abraham into a land territory that he would later give him. Abraham didn’t know where God was going to lead him. Because Abraham truly trusted God, God gave Abraham an extensive land territory stretching from the Dead Sea to Egypt's Wadi el Arish River, along the Mediterranean coast across the Northern region of Lebanon to the Euphrates River, East of the of the Sea of Galilee, down the Jordan River, and along the Wadi Araba Mountains through the middle of the Negev desert to the Dead Sea.
While trusting God no matter what he saw or endured, Abraham traveled and dwelled in the land promise to him and his descendants. He lived with his son Isaac and grandson Jacob in this land promised to them.
Abraham ultimately desired to be with God in Heaven. Remember, God made Heaven.
Sarah did trust God despite what she saw or endured. God saw this and allowed her to get pregnant when she was elderly. She gave birth to Isaac. God did this because Sarah truly trusted God no matter what she saw or endured. Sarah didn’t always trust God no matter what she saw or endured. She had to get to the place of truly trusting God. God gave his promise when nature could not take its course on its own.
Abraham and Sarah’s son Isaac was the means by which many descendants came. Isaac had kids. Isaac’s kids had kids. And so on. Abraham and Sarah have many descendants.
All the saints mentioned all died while following God. They all didn’t see the promises fulfilled. Though, they did trust that God’s promises would be fulfilled and they just trusted God. They foresaw that the promises would be fulfilled. As they followed God and trusted God, they realized that this Earth was not their true home and that the world’s present condition was not what they belonged to.
All the saints mentioned made it clear that they were looking for a land of their own and a place where they belonged. They were seeking Heaven and a place on the Earth where God’s will was continually done.
If they had wanted to return to their old homes, they would have returned to their old homes. They didn’t want to go back to the old homes and lands.
The saints desire the better land and city called Heaven. God isn’t ashamed to be called their God. God has made it so that Heaven can accommodate these saints.
Because Abraham trusted God no matter what he saw or endured, he was willing to offer Isaac as a sacrifice to God when God asked him to do so. God was testing Abraham’s allegiance to Him. Abraham had literally received many of God’s promises to him. Isaac was one of God’s promises to Abraham. However, Abraham was willing to return the promised Isaac back to God. Isaac was Abraham’s only son through Sarah.
Abraham had been told that Isaac would be the means by which Abraham would be the ancestor of many people.
Abraham knew that if God chose to, He could raise Isaac from the dead. Isaac submitted to the actions of his father Abraham. It could be said that Abraham was given Isaac back from the dead. This very event resembles God the Father and Jesus in Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection.
Isaac trusted God no matter what he saw or endured. And so, this gave him the incentive to bless and prophesy over Jacob and Esau.
As Jacob trusted God no matter what he saw or endured, he was able to hear from God that he was to bless and prophesy over Joseph’s two sons.
Joseph trusted God no matter what he saw or endured. Joseph foresaw and knew that the Hebrews would leave Egypt and gave instructions to his descendants that he wanted his body taken with them and buried in Canaan. God told Abraham in Genesis 15 about the Hebrews’ future time in Egypt and their eventual departure. Joseph knew this.
Because Moses’ parents trusted God no matter what they saw or endured, they weren’t afraid of pharaoh’s order to kill Hebrew infants, knew Moses was not going to be a typical child, and hid him for 3 months.
When Moses found out his true heritage, he believed in the true God and his Hebrew people then wouldn’t let anyone refer to him as pharaoh’s grandson.
Moses chose to suffer with God’s Hebrew people rather than continue to do the things he did as pharaoh’s grandson which he now knew was sin. He realized that the fun and thrill of the Egyptian sins he had taken part in would soon fade away.
Moses knew that the future Messiah would come to suffer and die. He knew that leading the Hebrews out of the wealth and prosperity of Epypt to the land where the Hebrews would receive the Messiah would be the best choice. He knew that he was key in causing the Hebrews to receive God's promises and rewards.
Because Moses trusted God no matter what he saw or endured, he didn't fear the pharaoh. Moses feared God instead.
Because Moses trusted God no matter what he saw or endured, he practiced the Passover celebration and put lamb’s blood on his door frames to keep the death angel from killing his oldest child.
Because Moses and the Hebrews trusted in and followed God, they escaped across the Gulf of Aqaba from the Sinai Peninsula into Midian (Saudi Arabia). God parted the water and dried the land for the Hebrews to walk across. The Egyptians tried to cross through where God parted the water to get to the Hebrews. God caused the water to fall back down to drown the Egyptians who were pursuing the Hebrews.
Because Joshua and the Hebrews trusted God no matter what they saw or endured, they marched around the walls of Jericho a total of 7 days. This is what God ordered them to do. The walls of Jericho fell down on the seventh day.
The prostitute Rahab who lived in Jericho trusted in the words of the Hebrew spies, helped hide them, and she and her family were spared because of it.
Paul says that he could go on and on talking about people who trusted God no matter what they saw or endured. Some examples he gave are Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel, and prophets.
Because they all trusted God no matter what they saw or endured, they conquered kingdoms, caused good to win out over evil, received God’s promises to them, and were protected from lions.
Because they trusted God no matter what they saw or endured, they were protected from fires and executions, were made to prosper, were victorious in battles, and caused enemies to run away.
Because they trusted God no matter what they saw or endured, women saw dead loved ones brought back to life. Some who trusted God no matter what they saw or endured were tortured and even lost their lives. They refused to sin because they wanted God and his rewards more than what this life had to offer.
Some who trusted God no matter what they saw or endured had to endure being mistreated, mocked, beaten, slavery, and prison.
Some who trusted God no matter what they saw or endured were stoned to death by people, were literally cut in half, were tempted to give up on God, and wore poor clothes like animal skins. These followers of God were many times homeless, hungry, thirsty, without proper clothing, injured, and attacked.
The world was not worthy of these saints who trusted God no matter what they saw or endured. They traveled through and lived in deserts, mountains, dens, and caves.
All these saints mentioned lived for God in awesome ways. However, they didn’t receive all of God’s blessings. They didn’t see the Messiah before their deaths and didn’t see and receive the sacrifice of Christ before they died. Not all of the promises of God to them were fulfilled in their lifetimes.
God has allowed those who have received Jesus as the Messiah to have even more blessings than the followers of God that lived before Jesus the Messiah came. You see, there are not two religions: the faith of the Hebrews and Christianity. Christianity is the faith of the Hebrews. The followers of God that lived before the time of Christ are part of us, the Christians. We Christians are part of the Hebrews. We are spiritual descendants of Abraham. This said, the followers of God in Heaven will not be a complete group until we are all in Heaven together at the same time.

Jeremy Brown 2007

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