Jeremy Brown's Bible Commentary - Isaiah

The king here is possessed by Satan himself. So, Isaiah is prophesying against the king and Satan. It was like killing two birds with one stone. You are Lucifer (Satan, Devil, leader of the rebel angels, Halel, The Praise, Samael, light bearer, shining one) and you (Lucifer) were cast out of Heaven. However, you who overpowered and dominated people are stopped in your tracks now and exposed. Similarly in Matthew 16:23, Jesus rebuked both Peter and Satan simultaneously.

Who believes the prophets' words? The prophets see and understand God's methods. This prophet sees and comprehends the One who God will send and use to accomplish His divine will.
Jesus will have a good life and will be a nice guy. He will seem out of place in the world. Jesus will come to rescue humanity but humanity will reject Him and what He offers. 53:2
People will hate and reject Jesus. He will endure many heartaches and rejection. We won't look at Him. He will be hated and won't intervene. 53:3
He will take our troubles, issues, and heartaches. We will hit Him. We will say that God is punishing Him. We will say that He doesn't have a right mind and is of the devil. 53:4
He will take physical wounds for our sins. The punishment and payment for our peace of mind and our rescue will be paid for by Him. His bloody scars will pay for our mental, spiritual, and physical healing and restoration.
All of humanity has drifted from God and His divine plan. Everybody does their own thing. God has put all of our sins on Jesus. 53:6
Jesus was fought against and punished by many. Jesus came before His accusers like lambs do before their necks are cut for slaughter or sacrifice. Like that, Jesus didn't make a sound, try to defend Himself, or attack them with words. 53:7
They led Jesus away after He had been in prison and judged. Who will defend Him and His followers? He was beaten and killed for humanity's sins. 53:8
He was buried with the sinful and the rich. He was killed even though He didn't commit violence or lie. 53:9
God wanted to bruise Jesus and put Him in harm's way. This will happen when Israel offers Jesus up for death which will actually be making Him the sacrifice for sin. Jesus will see His spiritual lineage, make Himself live long, and God will be pleased with everything He does. 53:10
God wills ee His anguish and be satisfied. If people accept Jesus into their hearts, He is then able to rescue people because He will then take their sins. 53:11
Because of all of this, God will bestow greatness on Him and give Him strength to subdue His enemies. This is because He gave Himself as the sin sacrifice, was treated like a sinner and criminal, took many people's sins on Himself, and prayed to God about the sins of sinners.

Jeremy Brown 2007-2008

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