Jeremy Brown's Commentary - Psalms

This ancient song book is actually a collection of 5 books: 1-41, 42-72, 73-89, 90-106, 107-150.
73 psalms were written by David, 12 by Asaph, 12 by the sons of Korah, 2 by Solomon, 1 by Moses, one by Ethan, and 49 are anonymous. It is believed that most anonymous psalms were written by David.

God approves of and brings good things to the person who doesn't hang out with people who do evil. God doesn't want our circle of friends or people we draw strength from to be drunks, partiers, sexually immoral, people that get into fights, people that putdown others, people who approve of evil, those that reject the accuracy of the Bible, and those who reject God and His ways.
God approves of and brings good things to the person who loves the Bible and God's ways and thinks about the Bible and God's ways all the time.
The person that God approves of and brings good things to will not be overwhelmed and quit when troubles come. This person will do what they are supposed to when they are supposed to. This person won't die and whatever they try to do will do well.
Those that don't follow God and those that reject God and His ways aren't like the person that God approves of and brings good things to. Those that reject God will just fade away in the time to come. They are basically useless and ineffective.
At the Great White Throne Judgement at the end of time, those that have died in their sins will not be accepted by God because they had rejected God. Those that have rejected God, have not walked in His ways, and have done their own will will not receive the same reward as those who God approves of and brings good things to. It is all dependent on the choices made by the individual. We must never design our own God to suit ourselves. We must surrender all that we are, all that we think, and all that we do to God.
God knows, watches, approves of, and guides what those living right are doing. Those not following God will eventually die and will have never been good for anything. What a waste!

A prophetic psalm written by David. This chapter has a double meaning. It is David's prayer and a foreshadow of what Jesus endured.
God, why have you turned Your back on me? Why won't You help or hear me? See Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34.
I pray day and night and You won't listen. 22:2
God is holy and lives in Israel's praises and worship. 22:3
Our ancestors trusted God and God helped them. 22:4
They cried to and trusted in God and were helped and not confused. 22:5
I'm like a worm, not a man. People think I'm terrible. They hate me. 22:6
People who see me laugh at me, spit on me, and shake their heads at me. 22:7
These people say that God would deliver Him if He approved of Him. 22:8
See John 19:30. 22:31

The Shepherd Psalm
God takes care of me. I need nothing. 23:1
God allows me to rest in His abundance. God takes me to places to quench my thirst, places that I don't fear. Note: Sheep tend not to want to go toward any sort of water that is noisy. 23:2
God refuels me and heals me. God teaches me how to live right and pure according to His standard and for His name.
Even though I go through dangerous, discouraging, and trying places where I am at risk, I will not be afraid because God is with me. God's rescuing rod (the bent shepherd staff) and God's disciplining and protective staff brings comfort.
God blesses and feeds me where enemies can see so that they know who blesses me. God anoints my head with oil. God's blessings on me is so much that I cannot hold it all because it overflows.
God's blessings and favor will be on me my whole life. I'll never stray from God and I will be with Him in Heaven forever.

I will bless God with my words and deeds. I will always speak praises about God and to God.

God anoints God is the ruler of all. He is the Majestic King. God placed the earth where it is in the orbit of the sun so that it will not move. God and His throne of rulership have always existed.
Floods are strong. 93:2
God is stronger than floods or any water. 93:3
God does not lie. Your house, God's house, is holy forever. 93:4

Jeremy Brown 2007-2008

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