Higher Criticism or Comparative Religions

Higher Criticism or Comparative Religion studies is an attempt to present an unbiased view of world religions by comparing their structures, habits, beliefs, and practices. However, their approach tends to promote hostilities aimed at those who hold to a belief in the present day operation of things termed "supernatural."

Higher Criticism Classifications:

Apostolic Christianity, Traditional Judaism, and Islam are the original patterns of each of the 3 religions. These 3 original versions of each religion would today all be called Fundamentalism. Each of the 3 took an literal interpretation of scripture. This can be found in the writings of the early church fathers, Philo, Josephus, and the Koran. All 3 religious sects condemned homosexuality, believed in angels and demons, a literal Satan, and in daily submission to God. However, the only warlike of the 3 was Islam, while Judaism was until Roman occupation. Apostolic Christianity has never been warlike. In terms of Satanism, Traditional Satanists are Satanists who believe in God, Satan, angels, demons, evil is desirable, good is undesirable, and that Satan will one day rule all.

Liberal Christians, Reformed Jews, and Peaceful Muslems are considered to be Modernists or nonFundamentalists. These 3 groups tend not to embrace a literal interpretation of scripture. These groups came to exist around the 17th century, 200 years after the Protestant Reformation. These 2 groups still claim to be of their particular religion but have neglected most of their historical beliefs and practices. Modern Satanists do not believe in good, evil, God, Satan, or a literal intepretation of scriptures.

Fundmentalism is actually an attempt to return Christians to Apostolic Christianity. Though, there have been failed attempts. Today, Christians, Jews, and Muslems who believe their scriptures are true, factual, historical, and accurate are called Fundamentalists. Fundamentalists are considered to be outdated, ignorant, close minded, intolerant, dangerous, and uneducated. As for true Christian fundamentalism, which is actually 5 points of core doctrine, the accusation is unfounded and nothing more than Liberalist propoganda.

Conservative Judaism believes the Holy Scripture is unchanging but that the scripture is subject to personal interpretation. 1920's origin.

Note: By "Apostolic Christianity" I do not mean those who do not believe in the Trinity.

One can find Liberals, Moderates, and Fundamentalists in every religion.

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