When you pray for God's direction or when you pray for something specific from God, Satan will always bring in a counterfeit.

If someone prays for a job that God wants for them, a counterfeit job in contrast to God's desire for you will be presented.

If you are praying for a mate, the devil will always send a counterfeit.
The person may or may not be of the devil.
Just because they are a counterfeit doesn't make them of the devil.
It just means that Satan has tried to bring about something that is out of the plan of God.

You may be praying for friends.
Satan has some counterfeits for you.
These counterfeits will distract you, detract you, and detour you from your purposes in God.

You might be praying for various specific directions for your life.
You can rest assured that Satan will throw in countless opportunities for things to mix you up and make you unsure.

Know that not all dreams are from God.
Dreams can be from God, the flesh, or the devil.
Pray for discernment to know the differences.

There are counterfeit interpretations to God's word.
Oh me. Oh my.
The written word is self explanatory.
It means what it says. It says what it means.
Be careful about who your interpreter is.

Counterfeit examples:
God - idols, Satan, false gods, false goddesses, spirit guides, fortune tellers, horoscope, astrology, evolution, extraterrestrials
Christianity - various false religions including but not confined to Hinduism, shamanism, Scientology, Islam, Gnosticism, Satanism, Atheism, Agnosticism, Buddhism, The DaVinci Code, science fiction and fantasy genres

Jeremy Brown 2007

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