Nebudchanezzar’s Dream
Interpreted by Daniel, the ancient prophet

King Nebudchanezzar was given a dream by God that predicted vast empires.
God’s prophet Daniel interpreted the king’s dream for him. See
Daniel 2

Head of Gold symbolized the Babylonian Empire. Babylon has forever been known for its occult practices.

Arms and chest of silver were the Medo-Persian Empire. This empire was known for its persecution and censorship of God’s people.

Belly and thighs of brass was the Greek Empire. Greeks were known for their philosophy, polytheism, interfaiths, relativism, sexual looseness, evolutionary belief, and for what is termed today as “open mindedness.”

Legs of iron represented the Roman Empire. The left and right leg represented the Eastern and Western empire split. The Roman Empire was known for being the most powerful conquerors in history, entertainment, stadiums, racing, and self indulgences.

The mixture of the feet’s iron and clay represent the revived Roman Empire. This will be the empire of the Antichrist who will have ten kingdoms under his guidance and rule.

Do the above comparisons remind you of today's world? Don't worry if you have accepted Jesus as Rescuer, Lord, and Messiah.

The stone that rolled from the mountain is Jesus Christ. He will soon forever crush the kingdoms of man and Satan. Jesus will establish a physical kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.


Also see
Daniel 7 and 8

Jeremy Brown 2004

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