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As an amateur researcher who has been engaged by at least one adherent from almost every religious and philosophical path, I have found that The Davinci Code should not be read or observed by any newborn Christian. Much less a nonChristian. The books recap the teachings of the Gnostics which were a group that were abundant prior, during, and after Christ's time on Earth. You can do a websearch and find a plethora of Gnostic weblinks that promote Brown's views. Gnosticism and Coptic Christianity have nothing to do with one another. Go
here for an indepth definition of Coptic Christianity and here for my article on Gnosticism.

Dan Brown wrote that there were actually 80 gospels but there are actually 16 which are given the title of "gospel." Brown also tries to state that the divinity of Christ was voted on at the Council of Nicea. Countless first and second century sources, including Pliny the Younger, wrote of Christians who confessed Christ as divine. With his attempt to discredit the divinity of Christ, Dan Brown, his creations, and supposed research should be regarded no greater and no less than antiChristianity.

Dan Brown's comments on the New Testament canon is not compliant with the Muratonian Canon Fragment, Tatian's Harmony of the Four Gospels, Tertullian's assertion that all Roman churches contain the 27 books, and Polycarp's assistance in the formation of the canon.

Gnostic Christianity formation scenario inspired by Pastor Tim Daulton:

Christianity spread quickly around the world in the first few centuries. Even in the time of Paul, people were coming to churches to see what this new movement entailed. Paul spoke of people bringing in their own ideas to the churches attempting to join their own beliefs with Christianity. In short, Gnostic Christianity is an attempt to mesh goddess worship with Christianity. Gnostic Christianity is as bad if not worse than Liberal Christianity.

Also see:

With the introduction of Roman Catholicism, there were not the removal of the things stated by Brown. But, there were the removal of the following: the believer's baptism, millenial eschatology, denominational membership not a requirement for salvation, and water baptism not a requirement for salvation.

These were added:
papal infallibility, Mary exaltation, water baptism necessary for salvation, purgatory, Roman Catholic membership required for salvation, amillenialism, replacement theology, endulgences, works required for salvation, infant baptism, praying to deceased saints, confessionals, and life long celibacy and no marriage for nuns, priests, and monks.

For a rebuttal of Sabbatarianism, go

Jeremy Brown 2005

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