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Remenber, there is no difference between angels and demons.
Do not allow anyone to do deliverance who believes they are different.
A person who differentiates the two has bought into an occultic teaching.
It's strange fire.

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When doing spiritual warfare and casting out demons:

1) You must be saved. ( It also helps if you are Holy Spirit baptized.)
Be prayed up.
Be rested.
Have your Bible and anointing oil with you.
It is best if you have people with you in the case that you become tired.
Have one person leading the deliverance session.
Appoint someone else to lead the deliverance if you become tired or feel led to have someone else lead. (Be sure that the person you appoint feels they are to lead.)
Playing praise and worship music weakens the demon and or alternate personalities.
Obviously, let the Holy Spirit guide your words and actions.
10) When necessary, y
ou may have to force the demon to make declarations. If so, then see the outline I use below:
The demonized person must confess their sin, renounce sin and the devil, and repent before the Lord.
- If the person is 12 years old or above, you can demand that the demon reveal himself and confess his job/position/name.
- Strip the demon of all power, authority, influence, strength, and anchors to the person.
Take authority over every curse the demon has to the person and family. (You may need to cancel generational curses.)
- I speak the following, "Demons, I now strip you of all authority, power, influence, strength, communication, and movement abilities. In Jesus Name. Your every curse, anchor, link, tie, connection, and relation to every person and demon save for the ones you have with those under your authority are eternally severred with the sword of the Spirit, destroyed by the anointing, destroyed in the name of Jesus, and destroyed by the blood. In Jesus Name. He who is chief among you, you are torn out from under the authority of all other demons now in Jesus Name. Demon chief, all those under your authority that have chiefs other than you, they are torn out from under the authority of all other chiefs and are forced under your authority alone. Demon chief, you and all those under your authority, all those places you once held, all those places you once filled are eternally cut off and filled. None else may step there from now through eternity in Jesus Name."

Before beginning the deliverance process, I recommend the following
"Demon, if at anytime you attempt to lie or deceive during this trial then your eternal punishment will be multiplied ten thousand times the original intended for each sentence you speak in deception and the Holy Ghost will take your actions as a challenge upon His person. Do you understand me?"

- During this time, the demon(s) will put up resistance and will attempt to deceive and will try to confuse. You can speak judgement on the demon, an increase of judgement on the demon, smite the demon(s) with the sword of the spirit, and also other variations as the Holy Spirit leads you. You can also force another demon who is under his authority to become the new chief transferring all power and authority to the new demon, this will usually force the first chief to cooperate in fear of losing his position.

Demand the demon speaks the following. Also, be extremely authoritative:
I "demon" bind to me all demons under my authority. We do not lie before the Holy Ghost. I "demon" speaks for all of them. Holy Spirit. We renounce all claims to "person." We receive upon our heads all curses and afflictions we placed on "person." We now receive the wrath of God. (At this point, after it confesses these words, speak the judgement of God on the demon strongly.)  I "demon" and all those under my authority. We renounce all claims and positions outside "person." We renounce all generational curses. We renounce all strongholds and roots. (At this point ask if they have meant every word spoken. If they say yes then continue.) I "demon" and all those under my authority. Holy Ghost. We leave "person" now never to return and we go to the pit.    -- [Luke 8:31]

- Immediately say, "Wait... I command you in the name of the Lord Jesus to restore everything you and those under your authority stole from this person and remove everything you and those under your authority placed on them. Do you understand me demon?" Wait for a response and inform him that the angels and the Holy Spirit are making sure he does what he was told to do. Also tell him to inform you when the task is complete. Once the demon informs you the task is complete, you inform him that if you find out he has not done as ordered then you will hold him fully responsible and call him out of the pit if needed and that you will be quite wrathful if it comes to that. Ask if your words are understood. Then, it is time for the finale...

"I command you and all those under your authority to loose this person and let them go. I command you in the name of the Lord Jesus to come out of them. I cast you out, now, in the name of Jesus! Immediately plead the blood of Jesus over the person and all areas that have been vacated. Ask the Lord Jesus verbally to have the Holy Ghost and angels to escort the demon and all those under his authority to the pit and bind them in chains to await the Great White Throne Judgement.

Have the person come forward and in control. You may need to speak, "(Person) focused. (Person) up and in control.  Now in Jesus Name." You can also ask the Holy Ghost to minister to the person and help them to come forward after the demons have relinquished control and are cast out. Have them pray with you:
"Lord Jesus, I (person) plead your blood over me and all areas that have been emptied. Holy Ghost, fill and satisfy every part of me with your Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name I pray. Thank you Jesus. Amen."
If the person has never been saved, you can do the sinner's prayer with them.

-    Keep in mind that if the person has unconfessed sin, your work might be in vain.
-    Every stronghold can be overcome within the person's life.
-    Also, you need to rid the person's life of all things related to false religions, demons, and imaginary creature images from their life. If they don't do this then a invitation to demons will remain in their lives.

11) The Blood of Christ, the name of Jesus, the sword of the Spirit, and The Holy Spirit cannot be withstood by the enemy.
Do not attempt to do deliverance if you need deliverance in your own life.

Jeremy Brown 2002-2007

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