Satan's Demonic Hierarchy

Satan / Lucifer / Halel / Samael

Powers (Names of top demons withheld)
Principalities / Dukes (Controlling governments, cities, and towns)
      |  (Below lists what specific demons specialize in. They are under the authority of princes.)
Pride - male pride, women's liberation movements, pride of life
      |_Fear - worry, panic, anxiety, phobias
      |_Rebellion -
Occult - false religions, lodges, eastern religions, liberal Christian religions, hallucinating drugs,
      |  reincarnation, spiritism, incantations, magicks, fortune telling, horoscopes
Sexual Lust - homosexuality, bisexuality, adultery, premarital sex, masturbation, pornography
Addiction & Partying - drugs (non-hallucinating), alcohol, gluttony (overeating)
Murder - hate, abortion, jealousy, envy, war, gossip, slander, racism
Sickness -
      |_Mind Illness
- depression, suicide, nerve problems
      |_Hinder Christians
- religious contentment, anti-soulwinning, anti-spiritual growth, anti-financial support

These spirits many times interlink and work together.

Note: Demons work in an intricate military structure mixed with a type of political structure. Every demon has a chief with the only exception of Satan. When they travel and or operate together, they are placed under the authority of one or more chiefs, whilst those chiefs are under the authority of other chiefs. So on and so forth. Also, there are various other generals. In a smaller group, there would be a chief, his right hand, a strong man, and various other demons specializing in various job skills.

Little known fact:
In extreme demonic possession cases, a specialist demon is assigned. One such specialist is referred to as a spider. This "spider" demon takes on much of the persona of a spider. This demon makes it seem like escape from demons is totally hopeless. One method it uses to inflict hopelessness is to make it appear like it is laying eggs of new demons. However, spider demons take subordinate demons and encapsulate them in an egg like cocoon. These demons are however actually as old as any one other. The subordinate demons that are overpowered and placed in the "eggs" are forced to take on the attributes of their captors, the spiders. This is a little known fact known only to a handful of ministers and known by many persons raised in deep forms of the occult. Especially by sufferers of MPD, DID, and demonic possession. However, the sufferers mentioned don't always see, experience, or become plagued by the specialist "spider" demon. I've seen this type of demon removed and all those under their authority removed, and their true nature exposed. If Satan and his fallen can make themselves to appear to be gods, goddesses, super beings, and aliens, then you can possibly gain some understanding as to how the mentioned spidering happens.

Jeremy Brown 2005

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