Donatists are found in both Anabaptist and Baptist history. The roots of the Donatist Movement began with the persecution of Christians in North Africa. However, Donatus is considered to be the founder. Donatists believed that infant baptism was invalid. They practiced the Believer's baptism which means they baptized someone after they were saved.

Catholic Bishop Augustine and the whole of the Catholic Church condemned Donatists as heretics. Catholics and Calvinists condemn them as heretics to present day.

Like Calvinists, Origen the heretic, Jerome, Augustine of Hippo, and the Catholics believed that someone was either born saved or born lost. Donatists rejected this idea and proclaimed that someone must be born again according to scriptures.

Donatists also understood the laws of
Dominion and Ownership and rejected the works and sacraments performed by the Catholic Church and corrupt ministers. I don't know about you but I wouldn't want a minister to lay hands on me, perform a marriage ceremony for me, give me the Lord's supper, baptize me, or lead me in the sinner's prayer if they were a practicing homosexual, a child molester, or a sellout to the corrupted Catholic Church back in the day. God bless the Donatists for following God and not man.

The Donatists were exterminated by Islamic occupation in North Africa, 535BC.

- Jeremy Brown 2004

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