The major world religion that originated from the ancient religions of India, which originally embraced polytheism. As a more unified world religion, Hinduism teaches pantheism; the ancient gods (especially the triad of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva) are commonly interpreted as representations of the various aspects of the divine (Brahman). Human beings progress to the ultimate realization of their oneness with Brahman (often called Nirvana) through reincarnation according to the law of karma. Some of the concepts of Hinduism are incorporated, modified, and expanded upon in the New Age Movement.
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Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva
These three beings form Hinduism's Triad. Brahma is regarded as the Creator, Vishnu as the Protector, and Shiva as the Destroyer. Brahma is believed to be the highest of the three. It is believed that some of the angels who followed Lucifer in the rebellion against God had later decided they made the wrong decision and in turn attempted to teach people of the One True God as He exists as the Trinity. These rebellious angels against Satan were found out and their efforts thwarted. In turn, Lucifer's loyal angels continued to teach the people taught by the rebellious angels but added very colorful additions to what had been taught. The Hindu religion includes millions of different gods and goddesses, teaches reincarnation, a belief in kharma, and promotes a destiny and fate view found in several other pagan religions. Interestingly, Hinduism considers itself to be monotheistic.

Hindus share their earliest scriptures with the Aryans, which were war-like nomadic tribes. Go here for a study on
Aryans. However, it is difficult to track the history of any nomadic tribe. Aryan descendants can be found primarily in Iran but also in the surrounding countries. A few groups believe that Caucasians are descendants of Aryans also.

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Jeremy Brown 2004

It can also be said that Hinduism is the mother of evolutionary theory.
-Jeremy Brown 2006

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