Hobart Freeman

If you know much about me, you'll soon learn my disdain for the Word of Faith Movement.

Hobart Freeman seems to have been the "Christian-esque" version of Aleister Crowley and epitamizes why I have a disdain for the Word of Faith Movement.
As I have read some of Freeman's works, I have sensed a strange fire liken to what is spoken of in Leviticus 10:1, Numbers 3:4, and Numbers 26:61. The books are written from what seems to be like an occultist trying to contact God by their occultic practices. You cannot approach God with occultic means. Doing so will open you up even more so to the attacks of Satan and his demons.

Freeman found his death after refusing medical treatment in 1984.

Hobart Freeman wrote and operated not in the power of God but in a strange fire.

I recommend praying this prayer:
In Jesus Name, I renounce strange fire.
Lord Jesus, I repent for accepting strange fire.
In Jesus Name, I renounce the legacy of Hobart Freeman.
In Jesus Name, I renounce the works and writings of Hobart Freeman.
In Jesus Name, I renounce the ministry of Hobart Freeman.
I plead the blood of Jesuus in and over me.
Cleanse me from strange fire, I ask in Jesus Name.
I ask for cleansing in regards to these things in Jesus Name.
Send the Holy Ghost to me, I ask Lord Jesus, to remove any and all effects and residues in Jesus Name.
In Jesus Name I pray.

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