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Examining Multiple Personalities, Demonic Possession, and Demonic Oppression
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These three things are not the same.
Most people don't believe that demon possession can happen. It can. I'm an eyewitness.
A Christian that is living right doesn't need to worry about these things.
Don't go into a panic. Read on.

Demonic Oppression = Demons/fallen angels have not entered a person but are acting as anti-guardian angels to aggravate, torment, and oppress victims. These demons do not have to always be around to attack a person. There are spiritual devices similar to how there are natural devices. Satan and his demons have various weapons, things to bind and restrain with and more. These are used to be a sort of anti-Holy Spirit making it seem that Satan and his demons are omnipresent. If Satan plants a seed of desire, habit, or specific sin in someone's life, he doesn't always have to be around to be oppressing the person. Some of these things have been called chains, links, ties, connections, relations, means of projection, devices, and more. A saved person, backslidden person, and anyone else are prone to this attack and must stay on guard. True lasting freedom only comes through the Jesus of the Bible. Demonic Oppression isn’t a mental disorder but can absolutely lead to mental disorders.
... more to come ...

Demonic Possession = Anyone who has not been saved, a backslidden person, someone who has been involved in the occult, or someone who has been abused spiritually or sexually are wide open for the possibility of being possessed. However, not all the aforementioned are possessed of course. God obviously protects the seemingly unprotected. However, certain choices made, paths pursued, and events forced on a person can and have lead to demon possession. True lasting freedom only comes through the Jesus of the Bible. ... more to come...

Multiple Personality Disorder (now known as Disassociative Identity Disorder) = A traumatic event causes someone to fragment their personality into pieces. There is a core person but the mind fragments or builds personas to deal with a problem. For instance, a person feels threatened and the strong willed side of the person takes control while all other fragments lay dormant or sit quietly. If the person needs to access a quiet and reserved fragment of their personality, the quiet and reserved side of their personality comes forward and takes control while other parts wait. This can also happen for sexuality, childhood, a memory, and even a fake identity. All of these things are parts of the person and can gain control at any time. Sometimes the parts fight over conscious control of the individual. A person can have all the fragments merged into the core person through a lengthy process. There are no cases of this sort where demon possession and oppression aren’t part of the equation. Please note that not all mental disorders fall into the MPD and DID category. True lasting freedom only comes through the Jesus of the Bible. ... more to come...

Jeremy Brown 2007

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