It's Done

It's Done - The Battle is Won
It's Done - Christ the Savior has the victory
It's Done - The battle is won
We don't have to worry for He's already won

Yo saints ya gotta show your stuff
Get in tune with the Spirit - Gotta get Lord tough
Remember the Bible where Jesus died on the cross?
He overcame the devil so He could save the lost
Never compromise your principles - You're sure to give in
To that wide clear path where ya fall prey to sin

(repeat chorus)

Yo preacha - Get it in gear
The Holy Spirit protects ya - You don't have to fear
Satan's sure to come with any attack
Simply hold onto the Master - Don't get off track
Let Him lead every decision - Yo fast and pray
Keep preaching the Bible - Never put on a play

(repeat chorus)

Yo Lucy - Dontcha know
When God said, "Get out of Heaven!" - You had to go
Yo Satan - You got a new name
Ya knocked it when you had it - Whoa dude you are lame
Yo Devil - Can't you just see
You'll never win against Jesus - He's the Righteous King

(repeat chorus twice)

by Jeremy Brown - June 93

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