Jeremy's Opinions

1) Eating a bowl of grain cereal, drinking 64 ounces of water, and not eating much much past 3pm daily will help fight acid reflux, voice trouble, hemorrhoids, upset stomachs, and aging.
Read a good Bible based devotional when you wake up in the morning to help guard your mind and spirit for the day. I use Smith Wigglesworth's.
Go on the cabbage soup diet at least once a year if you have any excess fat on your body. Recommended for 13 and over only.
Cartoons are not just for kiddies! Ahem!
Islam might be the Great Whore spoken of in the book of Revelation that will be the dominate religion during the 7 year reign of Satan through the Antichrist.
6) The
Mahdi might be the Antichrist.
7) You can find something
beautiful or attractive about every woman in the world. This isn't meant to sound perverted. It isn't. With women so self conscious of how they look and with everyone's way of always trying to find something wrong with someone, we can begin to train our minds to not critique as much as we normally do. Anyone can fault find but not everyone can look past it all.
They should go ahead with the production of hydrogen based engines regardless of the high price. Let's get this trickle down affect going! It will eventually become affordable to us all. Also, what happened to the water and solar powered ideas from the late 80s?
President Clinton's supposed success in the 90s was due to NAFTA's immediate affect on the US economy, the wide distribution of Microsoft based products including Windows 95 and 98, the new widespread use of the internet, and countless new internet based companies. Also since most actors, singers, bands, singers, news companies, businessmen, teachers, professors, and corporations are left leaning or liberal, they and Clinton were able to play well together in our post modern society. I can easily see how these countless factors would have made the 90s a profitable decade regardless of who our President was.
Country and bluegrass music are crap. I can't handle either.
People who have relationships with specific animals can communicate back and forth on some level. Some words can be made out if you listen close enough.

Jeremy Brown 2005

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