God did not intend to establish a religion.

God established a Kingdom.

He established Adam as the Kingdom leader

When man fell... the Kingdom fell

Man began to rely on religion to satisfy their desire for God's Kingdom

Religion doesn't quite fulfill our desire for God's Kingdom

Religion is not God's Kingdom

What God has wanted and wants is to restore His Kingdom on Earth

                       John the Baptist, "Repent! For the Kingdom of God
                                  is at hand! Repent! And be baptized!"

   God was using John to prepare the people for the 2nd Adam

                                         The 2nd King of God's earthly Kingdom

  Our 2nd King has begun a work of restoring God's Kingdom on the earth

He laid the foundation for the renewed-revived Kingdom and is the chief cornerstone of the Kingdom house

                     We are not a Religion.  Don't embrace the religions. 
        We are awaiting for Christ to return and establish the government,
                                            the Kingdom of God!
               Don't be concerned about the religions growing around you.

                 The increase of Jesus' government will ever increase. 
                Don't worry because the Kingdom will keep on growing. 
                  The growth of other governments is only temporary!

                            God's Kingdom is forever! Ha Ha!  Wooo!

           God is sending Jesus to the earth to rule as the Kingdom head. 
                                           The government head.

      So don't get bent out of shape.  The Kingdom isn't going anywhere...

 Jeremy Brown 2001

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