Began as a revival movement within The Church of England initiated by John Wesley, Charles Wesley, and George Whitefield which was forced to become a separate denomination after the American Revolutionary War when The Church of England cut off all ties to its churches in American colonies. The Wesleys began to ordain ministers after establishing Methodism as a denomination.

1) Trinity.
2) The 66 book Holy Bible is true and factual in every aspect.
3) God gives opportunity to every human to become born again.
4) Christians can fall from God if they continue to sin willfully and fail to repent and fail to stop sinning.
5) Salvation, water baptism, and Holy Spirit baptism are three separate events but only salvation is required for eternal life.
) There will be a rapture, 7 year tribulation, and return of Christ to earth where He will defeat the armies of Satan, establish a 1000 year Kingdom on earth, and judge all beings at the end of time.
) If you are not living a holy life then you will never see God.

George Whitefield later drifted from basic Methodist beliefs and adopted Calvinistic heresy.

Through the years, Methodism has become corrupt in several congregations globally.
Methodist Church denominations are too numerous to name. Names of organizations that include "Methodist" and "Wesleyan" are tied to Methodist Churches in some manner.

The largest is The United Methodist Church which presently fails to enforce its belief system in Liberal areas especially in The United States.

I left The United Methodist Church at age 12 and became a Church of God member due to my discovery that Conferences had a Roman Catholic style and because they were going to allow non practicing homosexual ministers to serve. The latter has been altered since then thanks be to God. Yet, present day apostates in the organization refuse to adhere to guidelines.

I encourage all United Methodist members to begin locating a new congregation that is effective in enforcing its rules and knows how to embrace historical Christianity.

You can locate John Wesley's view of scripture in his full commentary

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-- Jeremy Brown 2004

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