Missions and Missionaries

A missionary is someone who ministers outside his own community. A missionary is generally thought of as being someone who establishes ministries outside his own country. A missionary operates primarily as an apostle or evangelist. Go
here to read up on the five offices of the ministry.

Missionaries, in the traditional sense, establish ministries in third world countries. Yet in recent years, missionaries have been coming to the United States from other countries. I have met them in the States from Australia, South Africa, Bahamas, South America, and Romania.

So why do I think that God is sending ministers to America? I believe it is due to the moral laxity caused by modern
liberalisms. In present day America, there is a famine for the Word of God because it is disregarded as fables. God's Word is no longer taught as fact in liberal congregations. And, liberal churches rarely focus on training their congregations to evangelize their communities. This has led to a decrease in first time commitments to Christ among Western nations. Liberal churches focus on political correctness rather than salvation and repentance.

The lack of knowledge of Christ can't be fully blamed on liberals. Regular Christians could do alot more to change their world than they presently are.

We can do all things through Christ who is our strength!

There are several ministries that train missionaries. Here are just a few:
Christ For The Nations Institute
Youth With A Mission
North American Mission Board
Effective Evangelism
Mission Training International
Calvary Commission
Christian Outreach International
Living Waters - the ministry of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron

-- Jeremy Brown 2003

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