Monotheistic End Times Comparison

According to the Old Testament and Jewish Talmud, Jews believe these things about the last days:
1) The world will either be in a state of complete righteousness or complete degradation.
2) Truth will decrease and lies will prevail.
3) Inflation will be out of control.
4) The Jews will return to their biblical homeland and the desert will bloom.
5) There will be fewer and fewer wise and righteous people.
6) Many Jews will give up the hope of redemption.
7) The young will treat the old with disrespect.
8) Learning will be rejected because people will desire a life of ease.
9) The whole world will turn against Israel.
10) The Jews will fight each other (the secular against religious).
11) In the war of Gog and Magog, God will defeat Israel's enemies and confirm that the nation of Israel is God's chosen people.
12) Earthly redemption will last 6000 years then eternity will start.

In Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, and Revelation, Jesus taught these signs of the last days:
1) Wars and rumors of wars among the nations.
2) Famine and plagues (epidemics).
3) There will be many false messiahs.
4) The return of the Jews to the land of Israel.
5) The restoration of the nation of Israel.
6) The Gospel spreads to all nations of the earth.
7) Many false prophets arise.
8) The Jerusalem Temple will be rebuilt.
9) The abomination of desolation set up.
10) Hatred of the nations toward Israel.
11) Uncontrollable anarchy.
12) Signs in the heavens and natural disasters.
13) Tribulation.
14) People's indifference to the signs of the times.
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According to Koran Sura 21:96, 37:82, 43:61, and other passages, Muslems believe these things about the last days:
1) Muslem attacking Muslem.
2) World violence increases.
3) Days will become shorter as time contracts.
4) Religious awareness decreases.
5) Atheism becomes widespread.
6) Muslems infiltrate all nations of the world and gain prominence.
7) People become very materialistic.
8) There will be more women than men.
9) The Muslems defeat all Jews in a Holy War.
10) At first, Muslems and Christians fight together against unbelievers.
11) Muslems later defeat all Christians in a Holy War.
12) Gog and Magog win a great war.
13) The world will be destroyed and only Muslems will be saved.
14) Muslem Holy War martyrs are given a special place in Heaven.
15) The earth will be destroyed, recreated, and last another 50,000 years.
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