NonCalvinistic Christians

What is a nonCalvinist Christian?  He is a Basic Christian. See Protestantism Page.
He believes not in Universal Salvation but in Universal Opportunity. Thus, a Universal Atonement.
God and Christ wills none to die lost. NonCalvinists believe and know that God calls and draws all people. Does this mean that all will answer the call? No. But Christ said that if He is lifted up, He will draw all men unto Himself. Who does He draw? He said all men. Who does He call? The call goes out to all people.

The Calvinistic opposition to the above Biblical harmonies is why I personally began my stance against Calvinism in late 2000.  - Jeremy Brown

We will list Non-Calvinists from the first Century beyond here and give you specific sources to look up to confirm the information.

As it is inherent in all bodies formed by God to have a shadow, so it is fitting that God, who is just, should render to those who choose what is good, and to those who prefer what is evil, to every one according to his deserts. -- From the writings of JOHN OF DAMASCUS.

Flavius Jospehus  37-101 AD <===A Jew <
Becomes Pharisee <Description of 3 Jewish Sects
Clement 30-100AD
Ignatius of Antioch 50-117 AD
Barnabas -100+AD
Justin Martyr   110-165 AD  - Click and scroll to his writing of 'Free Will of Men and Angels'
Mathetes -130+AD
Tatian -165+AD
Clement of Alexandria -192+ AD
Irenaeus   125-202 AD
Peter Waldo and the Waldenses 12th Century+AD -Indoctrinated into Calvinism centuries later
AnaBaptists   4th century+ AD
Celtic Church - 325-600AD? - Mostly separate from Roman and Calvinist Churches
Landmark Baptists
Jan Hus 1369-1415
Ambrosians? 16th Centruy AD
Church of England
James Arminius
Charles Wesley
John Wesley
John Fletcher
Methodist Church - UMC
Nazarene Church
Pentecostal Churches
Charles Finney    1792-1875 AD
Assemblies of God
Church of God
Asbury College and Seminary
Smith Wigglesworth    1859-1947 AD
H. Orton Wiley   1877-1961 AD
C.S. Lewis
Christ For the Nations Institute
Fundamental Wesleyan Society
Dave Hunt
Billy Graham
Paul and Jan Crouch
Trinity Broadcasting Network
Jesse Duplantis
Dwight Thompson
T.D. Jakes

Bill Scnoeleben - "You must realize that Calvinists are just one step away from Rome. Calvin himself was a Catholic priest. Thus, they are less likely to buy into the Constantine theory. The Constantine theory is more prevalent among fundamentalists and Pentecostals. I always like to ask Calvinists why the believe in the "sovereignty of God" when the term is not in the Scriptures. I then ask them why they do not believe in free will when that term IS in the Scriptures, many times. I will tell you, it is as hard to reach a Calvinist as it is a Jehovah's Witness. They are very spiritually dead!"

Rod Parsley
Ron Luce and Teenmania
Rodney Howard-Browne
R.W. Shambauch
Miles Munroe
Larry Stockstill
John Hagee
Luis Palau
Eastman Curtis
Matt and Lauri Crouch
Greg Laurie
Bob Larson
Zola Levitt
Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel
Mario Murillo
James Merrit
Earl Paulk
Adrian Rogers
James Robison
Tommy Tenney
Rebecca St. James
DC Talk
Darrel Evans
Third Day
Michael W. Smith
George W. Bush
Audio Adrenaline
Kirk Franklin
Jaci Velasquez
Bill and Gloria Gaither
Clay Crosse
Bryan Duncan
All Star United
Ray Boltz
Geoff Moore and the Distance
Kathy Troccoli
Cathedral Quartet / The Cathedrals
Florida Boys
Betty Jean Robinson
John Starnes
The Cooks
Crab Family
The Bishops
Karen Wheaton
Mike Perky
Janet Paschal
Small Town Poets
Howard and Vestal Goodman
Jake Hess
Doris Acres
Cynthia Clawson
Sue Dodge
The Spears
The McKameys
The Nelons
Eva Mae LeFevre
Larry Ford
James and Jimmy Blackwood
Michael English
The Talleys
Joy Gardner
Tanya Goodman Sikes
Larnelle Harris
Lillie Knauls
Hovie Lister
Squire Parsons
Henry and Hazel Slaughter
Jeff and Sheri Easter
Jessy Dixon
The Weatherfords
The Hoppers
Geron Davis
Jeff Gibson
Charles Johnson and the Revivors
Gary McSpadden
Mel Gibson (The Actor)
Buddy Green
The Greens
Mark Lowry
Yolanda Adams
The Couriers
Ann Downing
Fairfiled Four
Terry Franklin
Jim Hill
Mylon LeFevre
Terry McMillian
The Mullins
Naomi and the Segos
Doug Oldham
Ira Stamphill
The Statesmen
Gordon Stoker
Russ Taff
Karen Peck and Newriver
Nicole C. Mullen
Michael Combs
Ray Napier
Kerry Johnson
H. Richard Hall
Steven Curtis Chapman
Out of Eden
Relient K
Plus One

More to be added soon

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