I've heard it said that truth is relative but that truly is a false, misleading statement. Yet, the supposition tends to be politically correct.

It would be more accurate to state that opinions are relative.

Encarta defines opinion as "the view somebody takes about a certain issue... to be open to dispute or debate."

Gravity is a law that is unchanged by opinion.

It is my opinion that burgers taste better than salad. Yet, it is true that the salad is better for me.

As time passes, our bodies age. This is a law but we all wish our opinions could override it.

It would be an opinion to state that all religious paths to lead to God. Yet, law states that there is but one way to get to God and that is through Christ alone.

Opinion states that reincarnation will occur for all living things. Yet, the law states that it is appointed unto man once to die and after this the judgement.

Opinion states that we have infinite opportunities to purify ourselves by our own merit, that a loving God could never allow someone to be condemned for eternity. Yet, the absolute is that if one rejects Christ they will exist in an eternal separation from God.

We all have differing opinions on religious practice and politics. But should we? No. No. That's not what I mean. I mean that we shouldn't have personal opinions on faith and patterns of acceptability. God has already supplied the truth on matters. So, we needn't one another's opinion.

Am I telling the reader to be mindless? Lord, no.

There are venues of life where it is acceptible. But if we allow opinions to invade our walk with God and our worldviews then we have allowed pride to rule our lives through our own conceits.

Opinions do inspire pride and conflict. Lord knows that I have a harsh opinion toward country music and bluegrass. I can't stand it. But if I were to allow opinion to rule my Christian walk then I would be in a peck of trouble.

A Christian doesn't need their own opinions. They need God's.

--Jeremy Brown 2003

P.S. For the first step in overriding personal opinions, see www.biblegateway.net

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