Presbyterian Church USA

Religious classification:
Apostate Christianity

The highest Presbyterian court ruled in 2000 that ministers may bless same-sex unions but cannot marry the couples.

The PCUSA...
1.   does not discourage drinking alcohol or gambling.
opposes the right to bear arms.
  fully supports Church-State Separation agendas.
does not advocate orthodox End Time Bible Prophecy.
  believes no one can do good unless forced by God.
  does not believe Christ died for all people.
believes God preselected who would be saved and lost.
does not believe confession, repentance, and acceptance of Christ is needed to become born again.
  tends to overlook ministerial and member sins.
is becoming increasingly liberal.
votes on issues rather than looking to scripture as the final rule.
practices infant baptism.
supports a Palestinian state.
has begun condemning Israel for defending itself.
has begun withdrawing funds and investments in Israeli and Jewish companies to show their opposition to Israeli policies.

Due to the 15 stances spoken of, I recommend that all readers escape any churches who are members of the PCUSA. I also recommend that the reader investigates what the real Reformation truly entailed and what the first and second century church records indicate in terms of doctrine and practice.

As for the so called Christians who have made threats against PCUSA congregations, I renounce you and your actions. The Lord rebuke you and your flesh. You need to repent and do it quickly.

Though the Presbyterian Churches tend to comply with Calvin's T.U.L.I.P., I do not believe embracing Calvinism is as severe as embracing cults of the
Liberal Christian persuasion. The PCUSA more appropriately fits into the apostate category rather than cults category.

The Presbyterian Churches were originally founded upon the doctrines of John Calvin. The Presbyterian Church USA is presently the largest of all the eight American Presbyterian Churches. Due to its apostasy from orthodox doctrine, many schisms have formed branching from the PCUSA. Go
here for a timeline.

This particular article does not condemn the whole of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches.

-- Jeremy Brown 2004

Also see:

An Analysis of the Reasons Why Christians Should Separate from the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. By the Rev. John P. Galbraith. Reprinted from The Presbyterian Guardian, November, 1938.

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