Political Views

"Jeremy, you just remember that you don't have to vote on party lines. You vote for the best person despite if they are Democrat or Republican." -Mom

1) I am very Conservative.
2) I don't embrace the modern liberal version of
Church-State Separation.
3) I think we should make use of our own nation's oil reserves instead of buying from Islamic nations. Keynote: I don't hate
I believe that all nations should defend Israel against terrorism no matter what.
I do not believe there should be an Islamic/Palestinian State.
I believe Israel should be given all lands from the Dead Sea to Egypt's Wadi el Arish River, along the Mediterranean coast across the Northern region of Lebanon to the Euphrates River, East of the of the Sea of Galilee, down the Jordan River, and along the Wadi Araba Mountains through the middle of the Negev desert to the Dead Sea.
7) I believe Christianity is the basis on which America was founded. Go
I believe that the Christian principles on which this nation was founded is the reason why the nation and its citizens remain free. Including other religions being allowed to function in the nation.
9) No death penalty. Go
10) All races equal. Go
11) Marriage should remain between a man and a woman. Go
Sodomy should be an outlawed practice and could be made such on the premise of medical issues alone.
I believe that the rich should be taxed far heavier than they presently are.
I do not believe those of alternative lifestyles should serve in the military.
I believe that all those serving in government positions should be Christian and have a balanced Christian family that is accountable to a local pastor.
I do not support NAFTA nor the European Union because of job losses and I believe they both point the planet toward a one-world government. I believe a one-world government will usher in the Antichrist.
I believe that every nation whose God is that of Jews and Christians will be blessed in every facet.
18) I dislike the ACLU and prefer the
ACLJ to it.
19) I believe we should protect the rights of the unborn. Go
20) I oppose
I believe illegal drugs and prostitution should remain illegal.
22) I believe all forms of
pornography should be outlawed.
I believe in the right to bear arms.
As Liberalism is entirely a Humanist movement with close ties to Socialism,
I consider it to be a Satanist movement bent on antiGod bigotry and religious censorship liken unto Daniel and Babylon.
I believe the United Nations has become Liberalistic, practically useless, and should be redesigned and renamed with legitimate Christian representatives of every field placed at the helm.

Jeremy Brown 2003-2004


The reasons I have always been a Republican are the following:
1) Democrats in Civil War times supported slavery.
2) Democrats up until the 1970's were very
racist. Older Democrats, 60+, tend to remain so.
Democrats tend to be pro-abortion.
Democrats tend to support a separation of God and government.
5) Democrats have supported
homosexual movements.
Democrats have supported a smaller military and smaller law enforcement.
7) Democrats in recent years have partnered themselves with the
8) Democrats tend to ignore the authenticity of religiously slanted historical documents including but not confined to American forefathers, early church fathers, and the Holy Bible as defined by Protestant Christianity.
Modern Liberal Movements have de-Christianized our nation and society.

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