Self-styled Satanists are influenced by heavy metal music, songs that exalt abuse of women, anger, violence, aberrant sexual behavior, death, and other criminal activities, and books on rituals. The self-styled are diverse and borrow practices from many sources. Religious Satanists are members of formal Satanic groups. Many of these religious Satanists do not believe in God or Satan. The founder of the church of Satan, Anton LaVey, claimed that he did not believe in the existence of Satan. He asserted that Satan is merely a symbol of man's ego, lust, and greed. LaVey rejected the existence of sin, heaven, hell, life after death, and anything supernatural.
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We'll categorize Satanism as spurratic rebellious, sub-pop-culture, religious Satanism, and masked Satanism.

Let's just take
spuratic rebellious Satanism first. This generally involves rebelling against legal, parental, and religious authority as well as a search for individuality. This group type is spurratic and difficult to nail down but they tend to believe in a literal Satan. They sometimes sacrifice, work spells, and experiment in various manners.

Sub-pop-culture Satanism
is much like Anton Lavey and the Church of Satan in California. They say they don't believe in a literal Satan and claim to be atheist. They however do usually believe in curses, spells, and 'magick.' They are of the Liberalist persuasions and constantly scream present-day tolerances.

Religious Satanism
believes God and Satan are equals. They pledge allegiance to a literal Satan. They believe fully in curses, magick, demons, and all things horrible concerning Satanism. They perform sacrifices privately. They assign members to specific tasks of destroying and or reclaiming defectors. They constantly look to destroy, overwhelm, attack, and deceive defectors and Christians. Religious Satanists in political positions seek to instill all things "liberal" into their cultures. This can be seen in every Western nation today.
The religious Satanists do desire to please Satan and pray to him. They do the will of leaders that have been placed over them and take orders from demons directly. This group has countless sects which are too numerous to name. These various groups either pray for or desire for a set of sequences to occur to the detriment of those who believe in God. This group practices various forms of spell casting, demonic communication, and ritual and child abuse. This group is even sent into churches to hinder Christian congregations at the order of leaders. This group will do all necessary to deceive, infiltrate, and destroy Christians and ministries.

Masked Satanism
can be found in various pagan religions. By Masked Satanism, I mean that the religion was invented by Satan and or one of his demons. Arguably, this includes goddess worship, Baal worship, Druidism, Shamanism, Hinduism, Freemasonry, Voodoo, Wicca, Occult, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Bahai Faith, Scientology, New Age, Nazism, KKK, and any other nonJewish, nonChristian religious group.

Every group I mentioned is spiritually dangerous and should always be approached with extreme caution and skepticism.

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-- Jeremy Brown 2004 

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