Socialite OR Church: The Social Club, Survival of the Fittest, or the Body of Christ?

Ever been in a clique at school where you and your friends keep to yourself and you watch and critique everyone who isn't like you? Or, have you and your family looked at a run-down neighborhood as you drove by and said, "Look at these houses. These people could do better than this . . . " Hmmm. What if they can't do better because they haven't been given a chance or opportunity to do better?

We go to hangout at the mall and we see someone who isn't dressed as well as us. The thoughts or feelings of being "better than them" flow through our minds. Yet, they deserve as many smiles that we give to the people on our social or economic levels. Hmmm. Think about it . . . Are we "better" than they?

We are saved ones. We are in God's family. We are connected to God's chosen people through Christ. Pride floods our lives as we view the unsaved and we say, "We are better than them." How are we better than any other? Our righteousness is as filthy rags. All of those persons we feel better than have the same opportunity to receive the Lord as do we. I hate to burst anyone's bubble but you are no better than the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Muslem, the Krishna, the Christian, or the Jew. Any man or woman has only to receive Christ.

Apostle Paul said that he was 'the least of men' and 'the chief of sinners.' Paul knew and understood that he was no better than any other man. So many times, we allow pride to enter our hearts because we are made joint heirs with the Abrahamic Covenant through Christ. Yet, there is neither male nor female, Jew nor Greek in the eyes of God. No man is better than the other. Trash the misconceptions of election and all other strange racist concepts because they are spawns of Satan. Selah. (Think about it.)


Socialite Extravaganza

Like the way of idols fall

Clay feet of Kingdoms crushing

From weight above

The more or less secure

A stone of dynamic proportion

rolling from roost

To crush the pompous

High folluting lofty people persons

Which one's got you in their grasp?

Will there be a Kingdom crushing?

Or will there be a freedom smash?

by Jeremy Brown (aka Dexter Loxley)

based upon Daniel chapter 2 and 2 Corinthians 10:12

Socialite Translation Below:

People addicted to popularity groups

Popularity is an idol to people

Basing your life on a foundation of popularity

Is an unsafe foundation for your life

Christ Jesus the boulder

Rolls out from Zion

and crushes the false kingdoms

Those who are a part of the kingdoms of this world will be crushed by the boulder(Jesus)

Are you in a false kingdom (example = popularity addiction) ?

Will your life be destroyed by the boulder (Jesus) ?

Or will you be freed by the boulder (Jesus)?

Let's stop being caught up into cliques or popularity groups. I know we have a few people we can trust. But let's step beyond our personal comfort zones and include others. That doesn't mean having fellowship with evil people. We can include people in our lives without allowing them to be persons we draw strength from, personally.

How many times do we as Christians crave to be connected to someone or to people like us? It's okay and God's will for us to be open with others. That is how the disciples and the early church did it. What are we trying to hide?

Everything done in secret will be brought to the light . . .

Jeremy Brown (Dex)

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