Spiritual Warfare - part 4

Specific things to do to win and remain victorious:
1) Don't listen to any other music other than Christian.
2) Be careful what movies and television shows you watch.
3) Be careful what you view on the internet.
4) Attend a Christian Bible based church everytime the doors are open.
5) Do not allow yourself to have inner circle friends who are not Christians or who are weak Christians.
6) Be submitted to a local pastor.
Sleep with Christian music or Christian television on all night.
8) Be careful what you have in your home in terms of books, objects, music, etc.
9) Be careful how you treat others.
10) Read your Bible and know what it says.
11) Have a prayer life. Let prayer be a lifestyle for you.
12) Use the name of Jesus frequently in spiritual warfare.
13) Ask for the Lord to cover you and others with the blood of Jesus frequently.
14) Measure all opinions, policies, and philosophies with the Word of God instead of accepting it blindly.

Jeremy Brown 2004

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