The Solution

Hear ye well children of Israel
God is calling from the east to the west
From the north to the south
The wall fell
or was it knocked down
God's chosen now flee to the home ground

Seems like these are the last days
Each year is getting hotter
Greenhouse or something deeper
Looks like time is winding down
The murder of abortion
Freedom they say
Gays of abomination prepare their antichrist's way

It's time to turn the tide
Jesus is here to guide
Every step to take
Never fear
Christ is near
Always by your side
Never fear
Christ is near
Always by your side

Do not fear in these last days
God protects His children
He will exchange - hate for love
Worry for peaceful - Sorrow for joy
Hate to love - worry for peaceful - sorrow for joy

What is the answer? When will it change?
How do I fill the empty inside?
Is there anything more?

(repeat chorus)

Down but out of the pit of despair, I lift my head
My God, My God, does this path lead anywhere?
This spirit is vexed. My mind is fluxxed.
There's only one way to heaven and get there I must.
Jesus, Savior, Son of God, Lamb, my King
I'm sorry for my sins, forgive me.
I leave it behind now to you I cling.

Jeremy Brown - March 1994

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