There is nothing in scripture that supports or discredits voting. Voting should never be used to interpret the 66 book canon nor anything concerning Christianity and the church. Voting can be used to select how to use ministry oriented resources, trips, which deacons should serve, decorations, catering, and the like.

Acceptable and unacceptable patterns concerning crucial issues have already been displayed in the Holy Scriptures. This particular doctrine is called “Sola Scriptura.”

When Martin Luther, the leader and founder of the Protestant Reformation, brought in Sola Scriptura, it became and continues to be the driving force in Protestant Christianity.

Sola Scriptura means that scripture alone is or should be the source of all doctrine and beliefs for Christians.

Voting on life issues to decide if something is right or wrong is unscriptural. This is where the Catholic Church went wrong before and during Luther’s day and where many mainline denominations have gone wrong today. They look to tradition and majority opinion on matters instead of Sola Scriptura. This can definitely be seen in the Episcopalian and Presbyterian churches. But not just those congregations.

In terms of political voting, we should vote for the candidate whose life coincides most closely to Sola Scriptura.

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The modern way of saying that someone believes in Sola Scriptura is “Bible-believing” or “Christian

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Don't get me wrong. Voting can be good if used properly when it coincides with Sola Scriptura and seeking God in prayer. God never has nor ever will go against Holy Scripture.

As far as looking to early church councils goes... Well. That is where mainline Protestant Christianity differs from Catholicism and Calvinism. (I'll explain later.)

--Jeremy Brown 2003

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