The Holy Bible is . . .

The Holy Bible is God's written will.

The Holy Bible is a record of human history with God.

The Holy Bible is the standard to measure truth by.

The Holy Bible was written by followers of God via the anointing of God's Spirit.

The entirity of The Holy Bible has not yet been fulfilled.

The Holy Bible contains actual events, parables taught by Christ, and prophecies.

The Holy Bible records where man has been and where he is going.

The Holy Bible contains answers to all questions.

The Holy Bible gives record of God's great love for all mankind.

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Click here for a detailed presentation of the authenticity of the Bible.
The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? by F.F. Bruce
How the Bible's 66 Books were selected. 2
Biblical Authority by Ken Johnson
Tablet Theory of Genesis Authorship
Sola Sciptura

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