Why should we not sin?

Are we working for our salvation?
No. Christ already worked for that Himself.

Should we not sin to maintain our salvation?
God maintains the salvation but we should choose to abide in His salvation along with not sinning. There are several ways to sin. God keeps us of course but He will not force us to abide in Him.

Why should we not do something that could cause another person to stumble? Why should we not have sex before marriage? Why should only a married man and married woman have sex with each other? Why should we not have sex with relatives or with animals? Yeah it's funny and gross at the same time. Why should we not get drunk or high? Why should we not murder? Why should we worship God only and not follow after false religions? Why does God say that sodomy stinks in His nose? Why does God say to make war against Satan? Why does God say to take a stand against evil, sin, and wrong ways?

There are lots of after effects that could occur from each thing mentioned. Are the after effects why God forbade them? We could go on and on for pages why each thing is bad. We could debate back and forth applying that some sins almost seem genetic or passed onto us from parents. We can display excuse after excuse to justify ourselves in our own sight. These things are not based upon opinion. We as Christians should not have an opinion so that we do not divide the body of Christ. We are to speak the written words of God. His word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. His words are life. We should not sin or practice the things called sinful solely and completely because God said not to. Why? God said. Why should I not practice something that was passed to me from my parents? Why can't I follow through with something I like? Why? Why?! Why?!! Because God says so. One might say that we can never know the heart and mind of God. That is nothing more than religious banter. Christianity is not in compliance with the false religions of the world that make God unattainable, out of reach, and beyond the compassion for common humans. Our God is a intimate, patient, loving, kind, and merciful. If He was a God full of hatred then He would never warn His creation of destruction. He would then never send a man or woman to warn of the coming Judgement. I don't know about your "god" but my God loves humankind enough to send His Holy One forward to rescue them from destruction and all of Satan's ploys. We should not sin because He said not to, because we love God, and because we love other people.

I'm now free beneath the Crimson Stain, How much do I love? --Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown 2004

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