Thing Openly Opposed By Loxley Ministries

Satan- Lucifer the fallen angel
The Occult
Abortion - Murder of the Innocent
Communism, Socialism, and their "Seperation of God and State" agendas
Modern Liberal Christianity - The Apostate Church.
ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union
     1) For detouring intentions, words, and phrases of the founding fathers of the
         Unites States of America.
     2) For opposing public expression of religion.
     3) For suing countless ministers for preaching against sins behind the pulpit.
     4) For the support of Abortion.
     5) For supporting NAMBLA in their desire to make legal the sexual consent of pre-
         adolescent and teen sex with adults.
     6) For the ACLU founder Roger Baldwin's clashings with the U.S. Secret Services
         and his speech which included "The goal of the ACLU is to make America Communist."
     7) For their attempts to legalize prostitution.
     8) For their attempts to legalize heroin, cocaine, cocaine base, marijuana, and
     9) For their involvement in attempting to legalize internet child pronography.

Jeremy Brown 2002

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