It's the new buzzword among churches and the professing Christians abroad.

Solid Rock Ministries:
"It's time to speak out against the "Christophobia" that's rampant on the Web. What is "Christophobia?" It's an irrational hatred of Christians/Christianity. If a Christian says that homosexuality is wrong, they are immediately branded homophobic. If claiming something is wrong means that person has a phobia, then it seems reasonable to claim that atheist's exhibit a phobia against Christians/Christianity."

I would add that atheists aren't the only Christophobic group. Christophobia is found all around us from the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Wicca, Satanism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Hinduism, Buddhism, Communism, Socialism, university professors, and every other Liberal group that you and I can think of.

Recently, a professor from Louisville made threatening discrimminatory remarks toward Christians who believe the Bible. Not too long ago, I was verbally attacked by a professor an hour and a half away. This professor verbally attacks and attempts to belittle and cause trouble for anyone who retains a Biblical perspective. This professor claims to be on a mission from God in his "holy" endeavors. Can you imagine what the Apostles or even the early church fathers would say to such a person? What about Christ?

Jeremy Brown 2004

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A Pagan Tells Off Other Pagans for Being Christophobic - (Includes Profanity) - (posted in 1997)

I could be here all day adding weblinks but I think you get the idea that Christians are being persecuted and discrimminated against worldwide.

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