Driven or Led?

So many times, people are driven rather than led.

Driven usually implies a controlling force pushing or forcing a passive subject.
Led usually implies a  choice on the part of God's  people -- those who look to His Word and want to know and follow His ways.
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My remark wasn't against The Purpose Driven Life. I enjoyed the biggest portion of the book.

What I meant was, many times people have a drive to achieve, a drive to succeed, and try to accomplish tasks themselves. I realize that the Lord can both drive us and lead us but this is mostly a play on words. We can use our human drive to achieve or be led by God. The biggest part of the time, our human drive gets in the way. It's almost like trying to accomplish things ourselves.

Adam followed Eve into the disobedience with eyes wide open. Moses struck the rock. David wanted what he wanted but wanted what he shouldn't. Jonah ran and whined. Elijah hid and cried.

Driven or led?

We must die to the promise, the purpose, and the vision so that God can work in us; preparing us for proper use when the promise is delivered. Talk about a tongue twister. Ha!

See: The Prophetic Cycle

Jeremy Brown 2005

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