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Mormonism was founded by Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1830. The beliefs of this movement have changed drastically since the years of its founder. Mormonism claims to be trying to restore Christianity to its original untained state. The same attempt is found in
Paleo-Orthodox Christianity of which I personally claim ties. However, Paleo-Orthodox Christianity is not Mormon based. There have been Christian groups all through history who have made attempts to return to original Christian beliefs and methods. Some examples are Donatists, Waldensians, Anabaptists, Baptists, Quakers, Hussites, Pentecostals, House Church, Fundamentalism, Arminianism, Holiness Movement, Sabbatarianism, etc. Mormonism claims to be the closest to the original version of Christianity at present.

Some facts:
Mormonism outlawed polygamy in 1890.
2) There are 26 Mormon denominations.
3) Though Mormons believe that God the Father, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit are three separate persons, they generally believe that God the Father created Jesus at some point before He created anything else. This goes against the traditional view that the three persons of the trinity have always existed together. Though most people call Mormons tritheistic instead of trinitarian, I tend to believe they are closer to being trinitarian. However, it would seem to me that the founder and the church's first leaders tended to promote more of a tritheistic theology. I say this because I have read many of the church's first leaders' writings including their holy books. Go here for an unbiased description of the Mormon's interpretation/view of the Godhead.
4) Founder Joseph Smith, Jr. said that he found golden plates near his home in 1827. These plates were supposed to have been from God and protected by an angel named Moroni. Moroni was supposed to have told him where the tablets were. These plates were supposed to have been written by a pre-Colombian warrior named Mormon and his son named Moroni around the year 400AD. These tablets form the basis of Mormon teachings. It is my opinion that either Smith imagined it all, made the story up, a demonic spirit disguised an angel named Moroni approached him, or a person dressed up like an angel to deceive him. He claims to have returned the evidence or golden plates to the angel in 1829. Off the subject, I believe a demon in disguise appeared to Mohammad to deceive him, make him write the Koran, and to design Islam. And so, I reject the Book of Mormon as lacking in evidence and or inspiration.
5) Also, Smith claimed that the angel gave him 2 stones called Ummim and Thummim to use to translate the tablets and receive messages from God. These are also called seer stones. Supposedly, this stone use is based on Exodus 28 and Leviticus 8. However, this Mormon seer stone practice seems to me a form of occult crystal ball divination. I think anyone can twist scriptures to justify their views. Go here for an unbiased article.
6) Mormons teach that humans exist as spirits with God in Heaven before they are conceived physically in the womb. Origen was the first Christian to promote the idea in Fundamental Doctrines 1:0:4 in 225AD. This idea is widely rejected by most Christians. I reject the idea in full. Some Jews and Muslems teach this.
7) Mormons consider most or all other Christian groups and churches to be corrupted versions of Christianity. Most Christians take the same view of others too.
8) Mormons originally restricted blacks from membership basing their discrimmination on a version of serpent seed doctrine and Mormon scriptures. This racism is no longer a part of Mormonism and hasn't been for several decades. In fact, Mormonism now accepts all races into its ranks.
9) Smith claims to have received a message from God titled Word of Wisdom which lists what food, substances, and liquid they should abstain from. I have no issue with avoiding what the writing prohibits. Kudos for them on avoiding the things. However, the word of wisdom here is different from the New Testament word of wisdom which is 1 of 9 of the Holy Spirit gifts.
10) Mormons teach that Jesus Christ appeared to many American natives to teach them the true religion. There is no evidence.
11) In 1820 at age 14, Smith claimed that God the Father and Jesus visited him.
12) In May 1829, Smith claimed that John the Baptist the angel placed the Aaronic priestly order on him. In June 1829, he claimed that the angels Peter, James, and John placed the Melchizedek priestly order on him. In this, it would appear that he believes that saints can become angels. To say you are of the Aaronic priestly order without being a Levite is entirely erroneous. There is only a continuance of the Aaronic order with the direct descendants of Levi. Even Christ is not part of the Aaronic priestly order because he is a descendant of Judah.
14) Most Mormons believe that water baptism is necessary to inherit eternal life. I reject this teaching in full.
15) The creator of Battlestar Galactica loosely based the show on Mormon theology.

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