Jeremy Brown on Evolution and or Creation

Macro-Evolution is a farse.
Micro-Evolution is more feasible but cannot truly be called Evolution.
A plant or animal can adapt to the environment only within its genetic boundaries. The genetic boundaries do not alter over time.

Survival of the fittest is true but not to the extent of successful mutations.

Evolution is a fairy tale for adults.
It is not logical. It is not a fact. There is no single fact that supports evolution.
No aspect of evolution is founded on observation.

Evolution is a philosophy and truly, pardon me, unscientific.

Petrified tree trunks are found that frequently cross several layers of sedimentary rock indicating they were deposited at the same time. There are hundreds of 30 foot vertical fossil trees found near Cookville, TN in the Kettles coal mines. Many span layers of sandstone and coal, proving these layers formed rapidly.

The world is looking for missing links. But, I tell can you that the chain is missing.

Coal can begin to form within 20 minutes! Petrification can occur in less than 25 years.

Evolution is not moral. It takes away dignity, morality, and self confidence.

Evolution is incompatible with theology. Evolution is a liberation movement, a liberal movement. It attempts to shut the mouths of Jews and Christians, and tries to make humankind free from all absolute standards of right and wrong.

Jeremy Brown 2004

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