There? or Beginnings?

Hello there. About us being predestined from the foundation of the world.
If it does mean that were preselected to not burn instead of the verse meaning the process of transforming into the image is preplanned is preplanned, then would it be safe to say that because eternity is not time then we are already with God in Eternity?
Hmmm. Veh ee intuh vestink!! God is in eternity and isn't confined to time. Nor is eternity confined to time. On the other hand, events may have a sequence in eternity instead of a horizontal line. Or. Maybe the invasion of sin has distorted eternity's creation which has resulted in time's detrimental effects. Obviously so. Maybe creation was a reflection of eternity but sin has distorted that precisity. If angelics were created in eternity, then for them their was a beginning and not an eternity's past. Heaven...  Again, eternity seems to have a sequence or rather a standard of measurement.

created beings have a beginning in eternity. this seems to signify some sort of sequential passage in eternity.
just donned on me... eternity also seems to be multi-locational

The Tri-Une are the only ones who are omnipotent, omnipresent, and omni-ish


Anyways... angels seem to be confined to a linear plane in eternity

We obviously are too.

And so in conclusion, God is a being bigger than creation or eternity. He isn't confined to a linear plane. Though all created beings despite their location in the realms of creation, time, and eternity seem to be confined to the said linear plane of some sort. -Jeremy Brown 2002

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