Anglican Communion
Church of England and Episcopalian Churches

The Church of England began in the 16th century as a result of a King Henry VIII breaking all ties to the Roman Catholic Church. King Henry wanted to divorce his wife and marry another. He knew the pope would not allow this. And so, he broke away from Catholicism and declared the church of his lands to be the Church of England. This act formed the beginning for all Anglican churches of the world. In 1533, the Buggery Act was instituted as the first official anti-homosexual law in Britain. In 1542, the Witchcraft Act was instituted in England bringing the death penalty to all practitioners.

The Church of England and Anglicanism have a different government as compared to all other denominations. In 1643, the church decided to redesign the basic beliefs and practices of the church. Due the Church in Scotland's influences, this commission formed the Westminister Confession of Faith which is the cornerstone of the Presbyterian Churches. Before this time, the Church of England was very much Roman Catholic in doctrine. Following this commission, the church developed an episcopalian form of government but remained divided on their Catholic and Calvinistic views.

When the Anglican Communion commissioned a panel of bishops in 2003 to research the travesties committed by the Episcopalian Church and re-evaluate the sscriptures, it was expected that the findings would bring Godly correction to those who chose to abandon the authority of scripture. The Archbishop of Canterbury as well as the appointed panel have shown their lack of integrity. They have chosen political correctness rather than showing backbone. This once godly organization now chooses to placate rather than lead because they would just hate to lose members or receive negative publicity from the Liberal media.

For the following statement in that it states that a practicing homosexual is born again and on their way to heaven, I rebuke the primates and the Archbishop for not asserting themselves to counter this damnable doctrine: "to listen to the experience of homosexual persons, assure them that they are loved by God and that all baptised, believing and faithful persons, regardless of sexual orientation, are full members of the Body of Christ."

Archbishops, Episcopalians, Church of England, Anglican Communion, I implore you to take up your cross. We must embrace the basis of faith rather than Liberal banter. Be leaders. Take your places as representatives of God.

Jeremy Brown 2004

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