The Mahdi of Islam

In Islamic scripture and teaching, a man will arise to lead the entire world into Islam. This one is called "Mahdi" and is pronounced "mah-dee," "mok-dee," or "Mo-Ah-Deeb." This seems to be the inspiration behind science fiction writer Frank Herbert's Dune books and movies.

According to Muhammad, these are the characteristics of the future Mahdi:
fair complexion
facial features will be similar to those of the Muhammad
character will be like that of Muhammad
will be an Arab from the tribe of Banû Hãshim
will be from the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad through his daughter Fatima
will be the descendant of Husayn, son of Fatima and ‘Ali
father's name will be Abdullah [same as Prophet Muhammad's father]
mother's name will be Aamina [same as Prophet Muhammad's mother]
will speak with a slight stutter
will occasionally hit his hand upon his thigh when he stutters
age at the time of his emergence will be forty years
will be born in medina (literally a city or township)
will receive Knowledge from Allah
will appear in Mecca
Jesus will descend to the earth soon after the appearance of the Mahdi; he will join the Mahdi in establishing the Kingdom of God on earth; and he will pray behind Imam al-Mahdi. The true Christians will follow Jesus in accepting Imam al-Mahdi as the leader at the time and become Muslims.

Christian response:
I can see clearly how that the Mahdi could be the Antichrist spoken of throughout the Holy Bible. The Muslem scriptures say that Christ will return to earth then praise this Mahdi. I can see how that a false version of Jesus could be presented to the world to promote this Mahdi and influence everyone to accept Him with the use of signs and miracles. I believe that Islam could be the Great Harlot spoken of in Revelation. Believe it... or not... Also, the Holy Bible contradicts Islam and Mohammad at every hand.

Jeremy Brown 2005

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